7 Reasons Why Solo Travel Is The Best Way To See The World

Well.. If there’s no right partner for your travel needs..

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In a few a few short weeks I am heading out on a solo travel adventure to Nicaragua for 6 weeks!

There is often a stigma attached to doing things alone. Our first reaction to seeing someone eating alone at a restaurant or sitting by him or herself at the movie theater is that he or she didn’t have anyone to go with. We feel sympathy for them, pity, even.

It should not be that way. A lot of people actually prefer to do things solo.

When it comes to traveling solo so many people balk at the very idea. They think it is dangerous and that they would be lonely. I beg to differ.

I traveled solo through Europe in 2009 and it was an amazing experience. You learn so much about yourself and you will meet people.

7 Reasons For Solo Travel

  1. You can do what you want to do…

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